Thursday, July 27, 2006

Thursday Thirteen 7-27-06

Thirteen Things I love about Having Children

1. I love wondering whether I have a boy or girl in my tummy and what they are gonna look like.

2. I love my plush hospital and I love the labor and birthing process. I love the prize at the end! I love how God made doctors who can give medicine to reduce the pain. So nice... Luke in the bible was a doctor!

3. I love snuggling a little baby up to my cheek and holding their little hands.

4. I love seeing how a masculine man like my husband can not care who is around him while he smiles and talks to his little baby.

5. I love how everyday is so different I never know what's going to happen or where we are gonna go. Or what cute thing my kids are going to say that day that I can share with others.

6. I love walking in on the boys when they are doing a loving act towards their brother by either sharing, or kissing their ouchy, or teaching them what's right.

7. I love how when I load the kids in the car, Ryan's job is to buckle in his brother before he buckles himself. He is learning how to take care of someone before himself. Once Ivy is old enough, Chaz will buckle her in.

8. I love how when we go places, people stop and ask, "Are they ALL yours? How old are you?" I love being a young mom and not following the trends of the day. I love how because I'm so young, I can always choose to have more later.

9. I love how when we go to a restaurant, someone always comes up and compliments the kids behavior. It makes me feel like all our hard work is paying off and we're doing something right. :)

10. I love how every day of taking care of my family, sheds out one more strip of selfishness from my body.

11. I love how much my children have taught me to depend on God. Without God, I would not have the strength to take care of 4 children under 5 years old.

12. I love it when I ask the kids a bible story and they tell me exactly how the story goes and corrects me if I mess up on one detail. More than anything, I want them to know how much God loves them.

13. Most of all, I love how I thought I'd never want any kids until I had one. Then I just couldn't stop. I love being an example to others. I love it when other moms come up to me for advice. I love how no matter what the world says, the bible backs me up completely, no matter how many children I have. They are a gift from God. :)

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