Saturday, July 22, 2006

Ivy's Party!

Click here to view slideshow of Ivy's party!

We had a wonderful party for Ivy's first birthday yesterday but I wanted to keep it short and sweet. People were asking if they could come but I said I just wanted to keep it small with family. I will be having a bigger party for the boys because it's their turn this year. They switch off. Next year will be Ivy's big birthday bash. Ivy was so bored because she didn't have any toys to play with. You should've seen Charles and I in Target trying to pick out her gift. Charles wanted to get her a doll, because every girl needs one, and I wanted to get her this pink truck to ride on. Well, the truck won because we figured she'd get at least one dolly for her birthday and she did. Ivy broke down a couple of times because she was tired so it was a little tough at first but then she lightened up when she could walk around with her toys. She is loving them!!! When I tried to put her to bed last night, she cried when she saw me putting her toys away. As soon as she woke up today, she went right for her stroller and shopping cart. So cute! Boy, I sure love have both boys and a girl. So much fun and never a dull moment!
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