Monday, July 24, 2006

Found My Bible!

This week we have revival so on the way to church, my husband had set my makeup bag and my bible on top of the van while he loaded the kids. Since he set it up there, I just got in the van figuring he was gonna take it back off the roof and put it in the van. Well, we hop on the freeway and get to church. I reach for my bible and it's not there! I then got really quiet and said.... "Charles, where is my bible?" He said, "didn't you get it off the van?" I said.. "No"... uh oh.. I knew it was lost. My beloved bible. I had almost read it all the way through and it had my markings all in it of what I've read and notes to my children for when they get older. I was so sad! Not only that, I had very expensive make up, all of it, in that one bag. I was sad through church and tried not to think about it so I could concentrate. All I could think about was how I wouldn't be able to get up in the morning and study out of my own bible. It's not the same to study out of my husband's. It was... you know.. my own personalized bible. Anyway, I'm sure bible readers totally understand! After church, we drove home. As we pulled up, I mentioned to Charles that we hadn't looked for my bible. Maybe by some chance, it's on the side of the road with my make up bag. We drove all the way to the freeway and didn't see it. I suggested that we just go home because it would've fallen off by now. He said, he believed it would've fallen off on the freeway because of the force of the air. I didn't believe him. Within a mile of driving on the freeway we spotted it on the side of the road!! YEAH!!! We couldn't believe it! We pulled over in the rain and I jumped out. There it was! The bible case was all torn up and soaked but my bible was fine! I'm letting it dry out right now because the cover and outer pages are wet. My make up bag and make up were all smashed and thrown everywhere. I could care less! I told Charles, forget about the make-up. Lets just go. I didn't want to risk being on the freeway much longer. We figured that my new bible cover (so beautiful) protected my bible from getting smashed and ripped up. Although I adored my bible cover so much, it was worth losing because it saved my bible. In the picture my bible covers are broken off but actually the right side was already broken off so now the left side is even! What a blessing that we had been driving on the right side of the freeway so it had fell out of the way of traffic. Praise God!
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