Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Loving My Folgers Coffee

I am so tired! Have I been saying that a lot? I've been working on my sister's website. She lives in South Africa and wanted to be able to show pictures. Since it costs her to use her internet and use pictures, she'll add some as often as she can. I put some good music on it. She wanted something with harder rock so I'm sure she'll like it. ;) Anyhow, her site is listed under my links or you can click here to view it. Even though I have the coolest and newest washer and dryer set, I am behind on laundry. Can you believe that? I washed from morning till midnight last night and I'm still washing today. The boys are tired of being stuck indoors so I hooked up their Xbox just for today. I don't let them play whenever they want or they'd be stuck on it. My kids are sick again so I can't go to church tonight. :( They are all conspiring to pass around fevers. I hope Kyle isn't planning one next! Ha! Anyhow, one thing I don't ever have a problem with is boredom! I can't imagine ever having time for that. But I wouldn't trade my life for any other thing in the world. :)

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Pfingston said...

Good to see you back. I've enjoyed scrolling around and catching up on things. I went over to your sister's blog . . . COOL!