Monday, July 10, 2006

My sister Jodee wanted to see some pictures of Ivy now that Ivy is getting more hair. Since it costs her too much to send this via email to South Africa, I put them on the web site. I love to put her in the high chair while she looks at books or snuggles her little stuffed puppy her brothers got her. In fact, I just looked behind me and Ivy's reading a little farm book in her chair. Cute! I love to have her spend time in it and in other places so that she doesn't get used to being held all the time or getting into everything. There is only so much I can constantly follow her around! :P She is trying to walk now but since she's being over cautious, unlike her brothers were, she's taking a lot longer than they did. I don't really care though. They'll go on to the next step when they're ready. Might as well just stop and enjoy every bit of the ride instead of rushing them. : )

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