Saturday, July 01, 2006

Resort Stay

It was so nice for Charles and I to get a short break for 2 days from everything. It started off rocky when our van battery died and we got stuck. So we switched vehicles. We stayed at a beautiful resort by the mountains and just chilled out! The first day we stayed at the resort and had a nice spacious condo. Reminds me exactly of our first apartment when we were first married. It was like having flashbacks of our newlywed time. How easy it was to do the simplest tasks. Of course, then, I didn't appreciate it as much! Around midnight or so I turned on the flat screen TV and watched surgery shows! Yes!! I never get to watch that stuff! Charles didn't want to see it though. Hee, hee.. I woke up 6 hours later, started the coffee, and turned on "Tom and Jerry" cartoons. Our favorite. The next day, we went to the resort's waterpark. We loved it! First we went down the lazy river, then went down the slides a couple of times, played in the wave pool, then we played water volleyball. We had a lot of fun and got very burned despite the fact that we kept using sunscreen. At night they show a family friendly movie on a big screen while everyone floats in the water. It's such a nice place with wonderful service. We had a pleasant time. :)

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