Monday, July 10, 2006

Claire's Wedding

My friend Claire, at church, got married almost 2 weeks ago. Watching them brought back memories for me on my big day. I had a wonderful traditional wedding where my daddy walked me down the isle. Loved it. Anyhow, Claire is 17 and she has already graduated from high school. I loved what point she made in her testimony. People think she's young for marrying, but she doesn't need to go through years of dating and partying just to find the right one. God already brought him to her. I agree with her whole heartedly. I was 19 and had already been through 4 years of dating with a guy that I felt in my heart all along wasn't the right one for me. Turns out, the one I dated for only 3 months was the one I was to marry. When I met Charles, I felt with no doubt in my mind, through prayer, that he was the one God had for me. Goes to show you that when you put God behind the steering wheel, you'll make better decisions. You don't have to "live your life first" and then settle down. It was quite different in the bible but the world will make you believe that you need to have your fun first, then settle down. What the world forgets to remind you is that you also bring a ton a baggage into your marriage. I'm so grateful I met Charles when I did. God's timing was the perfect timing. :)

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