Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tackle It Tuesday

This has been awesome. I have joined a group of women who do the "Tackle it Tuesday" thing. So, I reluctantly joined. I did tackle something pretty awesome. The boy's room was HORRENDOUS. They could never keep it clean because they had waaaay too much stuff. They were also sneaking drinks in their room and I found about 20 cups. That's where all our cups went. I threw out 2 GARBAGE bags full of stuff and 2 GARBAGE bags full of toys to donate. That's 4 garbage bags total of stuff. Rearranged their closet and cleaned out their drawers. I even vacuumed their shoe drawer under their bed. I don't have their room decorated and painted because we will do that when our house is finished. We can't have anything here but boring white walls. :( Anyhow, it's sooo easy for them to keep their room clean now. All they have is an X-box, and 1 chest full of toys.
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