Saturday, July 08, 2006

So Much Going On!

Guys, I'm so sorry! I just got a technician out here to fix my internet and he did so that's awesome! So much has been going on. I will share with you my recent experience first.

My friend Brandy was 9 months pregnant, yet still had 3 weeks to go. Well, we had a party the other night, on the third of July, at my friend's house. Brandy was there and had been having contractions for a couple days already. They were about every 10 minutes on the dot. We decided to get things moving along quicker so we took her to a hilly park to get her walking. She was up for that so 4 of us girls went and left the guys behind with only some of the kids. We took 4 ourselves. After we were done, and had had a crazy fun time just being silly, we headed back to Michele's. The guys were still playing their boardgame so we didn't leave till 4am. Then next day my family and I were packing up our stuff to go watch fire works. I called Brandy to see how she was doing and she was having her contractions about every 5 minutes. I found out she wanted me there so Charles dropped me off at the hospital to meet up with Michele, Brandi, and JoEllen. Charles headed to the fireworks with the kids.

I got there around 7:30pm. She was dilated to a 5. Us girls stayed with Brandy and every now and then Randi and I took walks to get drinks or just give Brandy some quiet time. Around 11pm or so, her water broke. Charles showed up and I had decided to go home thinking Brandy wouldn't really need me there since there were others there. It was so stormy and the stop lights were out! When I got home, I called Brandy and found out that she was sad I left, she talked to me and told me she'd like me to come back. So, I headed back in the car and got there in time to find out she was at a 9. Brandi and I armed ourselves with cameras so JoEllen wouldn't have to worry about it and we snapped away at the birth.

Brandy was awesome! We all left from the hospital around 4pm. As I had to take 4 freeways to get home, and I was almost there, I broke down in the van! I was only a block away. I just sat there, tired, and worn out. I was too scared to walk home in the dark. Yet, I tried starting the van several times to no avail. I prayed, "God, if you can just get me home, I will park this and find out what's wrong. But, please don't let me be stuck here." Right then, I got my van started and I park it, when inside, and crashed for a couple of hours. It was a great night!

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