Monday, July 17, 2006

Plans Change

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Plans change! Ignore the last layout of the house. We are too far in the process to change to the smaller house so we are sticking with the bigger house instead. The 4 bedroom. I didn't know what to do because I want to see my backyard better because the yard is so huge! After talking with my contractor, he gave me lots of ideas. If you look at the middle room in the back, imagine putting French doors and windows to the outside. Then an Arizona Room off of that. Then opening it up by taking the linen closet out. Then you see the wall separating the side patio from the living room? That would be opened up to the rest of the house to make a bigger house. Because that wall is a supporting wall, we can just make it an archway. That way our house will bigger and even more open. Since you can't read the lettering, that's the kitchen on the left side and a breakfast room. Anyone else have any ideas of things we can do? I'll gladly take any! I love getting ideas so I can talk to my contractor about it. Thanks. :)

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