Thursday, July 20, 2006

Answered Prayer

I didn't get a chance to tell you about my miracle yesterday. Okay, both our van and our car needed fixing but since we are trying to get a house right now, our funds have been kind of tight. Our van just shut off on me one day while I was driving. So that one was broken down. Then we have been riding in our Toyota (car) in the meantime but our radiator is out on it and it hurts the car to drive it like that. So, yesterday when I was praying and reading my bible, I prayed for a miracle. We couldn't afford to take it in a shop to get a diagnoses and then pay to get it fixed also. I just prayed that somehow we would be able to get our van and our car fixed. It had been sitting there for a couple of weeks. I was in the middle of mopping my floor when my in-laws called. He is a mechanic. They just said, "We're comin' over to fix the van." That was that. They were here within 20 minutes, found out what was wrong with it, and wanted to start working on it. He told me how much the part would costs but said depending on the engine, it could take hours to work on. Turns out, everything was just right, we got the part and in no time Martin had the van up and running. You have to understand. Martin worked on it for FREE. Out of his own good heart. We only paid for the part. They asked us if we had been praying since everything was working out. In the SAME DAY, we found out that since our radiator on our car had been less than a year old, we can have a new radiator and have it replaced for free at a shop on Saturday, our car will be fixed at no charge. Praise God!!! This all happened the same day I asked for a miracle that we could get our van and our car fixed. I never imagined that same day, everything would be taken care of. Thank you God for hearing our prayers, and thank you Martin and Maureen for everything!

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Anonymous said...

Martin and Maureen have been such a blessing to Charles and our daughter Virginia. They have really gone out of their way on many occasions to help them out.
*********************************** Mary Griffin