Friday, February 01, 2013

Field Trip of Consequences

We've been so busy around here! Unfortunately we recently got a ticket for bad tags on our van.  We finally got our van fixed after it was sitting for a bit. Well, we got the transmission fixed but got a ticket before we could pass emissions. The cop wasn't very nice and was trying his hardest to find anything else he could charge us with.  After he figured there wasn't anymore he could do he finally let us go.  Oh well, the law is the law. 

Yesterday we reported into court and we took the kids!  We figured it'd be a good lesson for them so they got to see the whole process. We went downtown to the courthouse and first had to go through the screeners and security. The guys loved all the kids and the kids thought it was funny to have to take their belts off and have a "beeper thingy" go over them. We had to take Juliet out of carrier and walk her through. They said that's the biggest group they ever let through and was being so sweet to the kids.

We had to squeeze in a bench in front of the judge and the kids were all super quiet. I told them its a courthouse and we have to be respectful.  I was so proud of them.I whispered to them that we had to pay the consequence for not getting our tags done on time. We were just hoping they'd give us mercy and greatly reduce the penalty. The judge loved the kids, kept smiling at them, and my kids silently waved back.  She reduced our penalty by $500 since we had taken care of our tags. Oh, we were ever so grateful! Phew! After we paid we just were so relieved it was done.  The kids considered it a field trip to see a judge and courthouse and we considered it a good lesson.  :)

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Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Well, I'm glad you were able to get the fines reduced, but it sounds like a very expensive field trip!!