Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fighting Fair and Vehicular Enlargement

I know, such a nerdy title to todays blog.

Ooohhhh, my kids have been challenging me.  I can't forget that the spanking spoons have been hidden too.  I haven't found them in a couple weeks, those little boogers.  Not a problem.  I'll just head to the store and pick more.  One for the van, my purse, the kitchen, and the hallway for easy access.  I've had a lot of sibling bickering going on around here.  Yeah, yeah... some say it's a sibling thing.  HOWEVER, I want to teach them how to disagree where you come to a fair conclusion.  That's the real challenge.  That's why I'm not okay with the name calling or use of a fist.

Okay, so now that I have a bigger van for my always enlarging family.... oh wait...I didn't tell you!  We got a 12 passenger van!  Yeah!  Soooo, even if Charles is working late the kids and I can still go to church or wherever else.  Kids aren't squished like sardines and in fact, we have room for friends!  We always take kids home from church so we really needed the extra space. 

Oh, so I was happy to head to church with the kids tonight.  Funny enough, as I was loading back up to leave I saw an extra kid, one that's not mine sitting in the back bench.  LOL.  ♡ Its okay, I love that kid but it is a school night and so no extras were coming.  Soon I'll be getting a zoo membership so we're gonna get enough to take extra kids with us.  That's why we needed the 12 passenger van, weekdays we are a family of nine.  Weekends we're a family of 12.  :-D


Karen said...

Isn't it lovely to have all that space?!

momto9 said...

we just downsized form a full sized van about 9 months ago!! I remember those days. Bless are in a very busy time