Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Homeschooling and Dying to Myself

There was a time in my life where homeschooling was an up and down thing for me.  I think anyone who homeschools their kids has to die to themselves.  When I had my first kid I thought it was so neat that someday each one would attend school so I could get things done. 

On Chaz's first day of school I actually went out with some friends and celebrated!  I now had one kid in school and only three at home.  Huge milestone.  By the time my second was in school I was pregnant with my fifth.  I was just appreciating even the smallest breaks.  I started to see my babies changing.  They were learning academically but they were picking up other things not so good.  So then I really started to have this battle inside of me.  I liked having my breaks from them.  I decided to give homeschooling a little trial before making any decisions.  I got the supplies I needed, gathered my Kindergarten and first grader, sat them down... and quit in five minutes.  I figured right then and there homeschooling was not for me.  I'm not exaggerating about those five minutes.  I was thanking my lucky stars for public school.

Eventually, as I began to die more and more to myself, I saw how school was fighting our beliefs and trying to influence the little moldable minds.  Not to mention, the bullying ay school was off the charts.  I would try to homeschool and then quit.  Try another year and quit again. It was so hard to homeschool that I seriously needed those breaks.  Thank God I eventually was able to keep them home with me and it is totally by God's grace. 

Naturally I am NOT an organized person.  If I organized anything it was out of sheer desperation and because of that only.  I want to make these dressers where instead of drawers that you pull in and out. Instead they are like smaller size laundry baskets.  Imagine like six of them and they roll in and out.  Then you just take that one basket to the dryer, fold into basket, roll basket right back into dresser.  Eliminate the need to transfer from basket to drawer.  Might sound dumb to some people but when you have to climb Mt. Everest of clothes, eliminating steps means you get more time for better things. Ha.

Now I am really into the groove of homeschooling.  Don't think I don't sometimes daydream about that yellow bus that could just come pick them up.  I could just sip my coffee, wave goodbye, and read the newspaper before I cleaned.  I've thought of it!  They used to come to my front door.  Well, my  days are soooooo much harder now and its a ton of work but now I couldn't imagine having them away.  I finally realized that while academics is important, their spiritual well being is a million times more important.   :)  What does it profit a man to gain the whole world yet lose his own soul? 

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