Monday, February 18, 2013

IKEA fun and Espresso Kids

Since the kids had today off we headed to IKEA and had free breakfast. Sometimes I get a little shy when I'm asked so many questions when we're out.  I don't really mind, I just get a little embarrassed by the attention it brings. I got comments like "you should get a TV!" or "those aren't really all your kids.  You probably just have two."  One mom said she thought it was hard with three. Just as the elevator doors were closing between us I said "three kids IS hard.  You're fine after that!"  On a good note.... I ran into a blog reader.  Actually she found me and introduced herself. Her kids were adorable and her and her husband were fun to visit with.  ;)  I'm telling you, it's so great to fellowship with those of the same values! 

I think my son Kyle has espresso running through his veins.  He's not a naughty kid but he does have so much energy that I constantly have to reel him back in.  He is like that until he crashes at night and he is usually always the first to pass out.  From the day he was born it was like he had super charge batteries in him that kept him going and going. If I have ever lost weight, any weight, it probably was just having to keep up with him.  I try not to chew gum because he'll do something that is dangerous or crazy and I'll choke on it.  Who knew gum could be hazardous to my health?   Well, Kyle makes that possible.

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Chris H said...

Some kids are just full of life, Kyle sounds like he is for sure.