Friday, February 08, 2013

Revengeful Neighbors

Oh my goodness.  I'm so tired from a long day of homeschooling, cleaning, disciplining, training, couponing, putting kids to bed, and have long discussions with my daughter who loves history.  Ivy loves history like I do!  Finally!  A kid that likes something other than video games.  Must have my genes.  Or it could be because she's not a boy. 

Does anyone else have a living room that turns into a camp ground every day?  I will go to find a chair, I have like eight of them, and not be able to find one.  Finally, I look over and see how they are all holding up a tent of sorts.  I end up just pulling up a computer chair because I don't have the heart to wreck the tent.

It was a tough day today because my crazy neighbor keeps finding ways to get me in trouble.  She had the cops come to my door the other day.  Today I got a ticket!  Argh!  This woman is mad.  She's just looking out her window and finding dumb things to pick on.  I have a car I'm about to get rid of and apparently I can't have it parked out front even though its registered.  Well, a "nice neighbor" lady called on me so now I have to pay a $132 ticket.  I cried.  I was a bit down but when my husband got home he called a family meeting.  We all got in a circle and prayed.  I felt a lot better.  It is what it is.  A neighbor hates me and now I gotta pay.  I can't let bitterness edge in so I have been praying for her. 


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

$132 you can do. When I first read your post I was deathly afraid she had attacked the children or done something that got them taken away for a bit.

I am upholding you in prayer! I know Jesus says to love our enemies and pray for those who spitefully use them. It doesn't mean that I'm praying she can get away with this or that those children stay in her home. More that, she gets some serious conviction and healing in her brain. I am not sure what-all else is going on in her life or if she were always this way and snapped at you when she became suspicious. :/

momto9 said...

some people just have nothing better to do

The Father of Five said...

What was the ticket for (if you don't mind my asking)?

As a 911 dispatcher I have taken hundreds (if not thousands) of calls from folks like your neighbor. It makes me want to shout MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!

The street is public - no one owns the street in front of their house or anywhere on their block. Where I work there are two/three primary reasons we can tag a vehicle parked on the street.

Commercial Vehicle in a residential area (exceptions for contractors who are providing a service), inoperable Vehicle (cars have to be drivable to be parked in the road), Current Registration, and 24 hour parking (a vehicle must be moved once every 24 hours).

Sorry you have to deal with that.

Virginia Revoir said...

Well, it was was registered but we took the battery out in case someone decided to drive away with it. We are selling it. I talked to the neighbors about it and they were fine with it till one got mad at me. Also, we just found out that the license got suspended on it because we didn't fill out a paper saying we aren't driving it. Omgosh, what a bummer. I know to do that but completely forgot. However, I didn't know about the suspension. I only got in trouble though because my neighbor called before I could get rid of it. :(