Thursday, February 21, 2013

Spontaneous Trip to G33ks Night Out

We found out that a friend was going to have an exhibit at this festival so we headed out and spent the evening at the geeks night out festival. My kids found out the others were going to be in costume. We don't really have the kind of costumes we needed but they were just happy to dress up.

My daughter saw a lady in costume who only had a bra like top on and she asked her why she wasn't wearing a shirt. The lady was shocked but laughed it off.  She said that was the best comment she had ever heard.

We found out last minute about this festival but decided that since it's only once a year it was worth packing up to go.  I ended up walking around with a pretty bad headache but I was happy that the kids are having fun. At the end of the night I collapsed in my bed!  Half of the kids were out cold within 15 minutes of being home. We really like to go to festivals but the only problem is every now and then people go a little overboard how they dress with not being modest for their costumes.  That said, it was only one girl and I've seen much worse just in the mall. ;P

Funny story.  Before going I had to take down our two bins of costumes from the closet.  Chaz tried on one that he thought fit still. It was so tight that it was riding up in the back.  I mean, it looked like it had been painted on. The kids and I were laughing so hard we couldn't even stand up. He had a hard time just gettting it off!

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