Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Homeschool Challenges and Clutterbugs

Tuesdays for us are always really challenging.  Saturday the kids aren't required to do homeschool. On Sunday we don't do homeschool or chores because it's the Lord's day.  Monday they go to their one day a week school.  Come Tuesday the kids have been out of their habits and we can go through some battles!  By Friday they are completely into the routine and everything is butter smooth.

Well, today was Tuesday (technically Wednesday but I'm writing late.)  It was a bit rough (understating it) and the kids lost their privilege to go swimming at the indoor pool.  I really wanted to go to but I had to make a point. Hopefully they got it. 

So off to dinner I went with my dad.  It was on a whim but that's how it is.  It's so hard with busy schedules. Things are not important, people are.  Have you ever had a chance to see an episode online where Clean House confronts the house owner?  These people are usually hoarders but when you get to the root of it, these clutterbugs had lost relationships or tradegy took someone they love. They began to accumulate things because they knew those things would never leave them.  Just because we've been hurt or lost a loved one we can't stop wanting happy, healthy relationships.  Nor should we interfere in people wanting them.  The worst thing a depressed person can do is go into a cave and began distrusting everyone around.  Caves make people weird.  Stay in the rock tumbler.  It smoothes out those rough edges.

My gosh.  My baby geese were so loud I had to get up to go give them more water before they woke up everyone.  They play with the water constantly so I always have to refill it.  They are happy till they run out and as soon as you refill it they stop making noise.  I guess they were practicing Luke 18. ;)

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Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Cute!! :) Little Juliet is growing so fast!