Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sick Days and Funny Kid Questions

Sunday morning we had a sick house.  Juliet has a bad ear infection and kept us up most the night with little sleep.  I'm going on my third day of a headache. My friend at church is going on her fifth day. The weather really took a turn and I wonder if it has anything to do with it. 

I have these Bible movies and sometimes we like to watch and have discussions about them. We won't buy regular movies because they are full of garbage but we do own Christian ones about the history of the Bible or ones with a Gospel message.  Our favorites are Courageous, Fireproof, Time Changer, etc.  Since we had to stay home we watched Peter and Paul. Its really important not to get the Hollywoodized version but the ones that stay true to Scripture.  Well, in the story they started talking about how Jesus died. 

Ashley, my five year old, said, "What?!  Jesus died?!" 

I looked at Ashley and said, "Yeah! Where have you been all this time?" 

She relied, "Oh, that's right.  He died on a stick."

"Yeeeah... you are right, actually, a really big one."

While we were watching the men in the movie shovel hay I mentioned to the kids that this was before TV and video games.  Ivy's eyes got real big and she asked,

"Wait, did they play tag?"

"Um... I'm pretty sure they did.  Pretty easy game to figure out." I replied.

Oh, kids are so cute to have discussions with!  Even when they are sick and have their little pink noses.  I took the girls with me to have baby Juliet looked at by the doctor.  Charles told the girls we were having a girl day out. Not really!  I told him this is not a fun outing.  The girls were just happy we got to go with no boys.  Usually,  none of us like to be separated. It took a long time to convince Charles to let me go to the store by myself or even the doctors.  He likes to make everything a family outing.  Seriously, I put a stop to going around the corner just to get gas with everyone.  Haha.

Pictures: Us girls at the doctors office.

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