Thursday, February 28, 2013

Gravesite Visit and Discussions

Yesterday morning I walked into the kitchen and saw that Ivy was having tea with a picture of her great-grandparents right in front of her.  I thought that was neat. I named Ivy after her grandmother who died at 22. 

I asked the kids if they'd all like to drop what they're doing and go see the gravesite where they were. They immediately got dressed so we could go right away.

We got so much exercise trying to find several of our relatives. Ivy died of cancer at 22 and her husband (my grandpa) died of a gunshot wound at 29. The kids have been told so much of them and that is why I think they feel they have a bond with them.

We stayed for a couple hours, saw daddy for a bit and then finally headed home.  The kids were exhausted from walking so much and so was I. :) It was a good experience though because we had so many interesting conversations there. I heard them talking about life after death.  There is a comfort in knowing where I am going when I die. Life is but a vapor.

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