Monday, January 28, 2013

Hate Clutter. Love People.

You won't believe what I did a couple of days ago. I don't know why my room turns into the central hub where every one dumps their stuff. It drives me nuts. I'm good at keeping up on the rest of my house but my room is always my last priority.  Dead, dead last. I will homeschool, clean, take care of my babies all day and rarely take a step in my room.  Later I'll walk in and be bummed I never got around to it. I even had laundry stacked up that I would keep forgetting to put away. One day I walked in my room and while I'm hopping over something on the floor I told Ivy she needed to clean her room. She says, "Mommy, you need to clean your room too."  Ummmm.... Yeah, that's just sad.

I tend to hold onto things not because I love things but because I'm afraid something will happen and I'll regret I threw that item out.  I'm sick of cleaning so many THINGS but I'd rather be doing more stuff with my kids. It sounds crazy that I say that because I DO spend a lot of time with them. I'm with the kids all day! (Its funny that people think having a large family deprives kids of time with the parent. That totally depends on your priorities).  I don't crave things, I crave relationships. I'm not gonna regret that I didn't have a perfect house, I just don't wanna regret not building up better relationships with my kids, my family, friends, new converts.  I never long for a day off from my kids, I long for days off with them. I have this dream to take my kids a few times a month to a nearby orphanage to volunteer or visit families that might like some help in one way or another.  My kids are learning to be excellent cleaners and bakers.  There are lots of different ways to reach out and encourage people spiritually, by showing acts of love along with Scripture.  I don't know if I'm explaining my heart but I hope you get my meaning. There is JOY in serving. If you are having a hard day, try to do something for someone. Bake some cookies for a neighbor and tell them you just want them to know you are thinking of them and you care. It'll pull you out of that depression pretty quick! 

Okay, the other night I grabbed some large black bags and THREW everything away in my room. Everything except what was in my closet. Seriously, if it was on top of my dresser it went in the bag too.  If it wasn't a bed, dresser, or crib then it went in the bag. I have no idea what I threw out. I refuse to look but man, it looks good and it solved the problem of me talking myself into keeping STUFF.  Ha.  I love it. Charles told me I'm dramatic and that he married his very own Anne of Green Gables. Anne with an E!  LOL. 

I'd rather be loving people than dusting a bunch of silly old knickknacks!

P.S. one of the pictures is of a cut out my 11 year old son Ryan made for his daddy. Charles really loved it and put it on the mirror so he can see it every morning before work.

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momto9 said...

I'm not a Knick nack person myself and find such things a waste of time!!