Thursday, January 03, 2013

Taking a Trip to See My Best Friend

My best friend recently moved away.  Now both my friends live far from me. IIIIIII couldn't take it anymore and asked my husband if we could take a trip out to see her and her kids.  I would do anything I could make it happen.  I'm kind of a last minute person so I asked my husband on Sunday night and we left Monday morning.  I got up early to go get an oil change and a spare tire put on van. I let my husband sleep while I did this because he was doing me a huge favor.  I packed everything for my whole family the night before. So.... here is our adventure!

We headed out Monday around noon.  Its super hard to pack for 9 people, get the oil changed and new tire for van, plus make sure all animals are cared for..... all last minute.  Whew!  By the time we headed out in the morning we didn't get to her place till 3pm.  It was snowing and we were FREEZING!

We hugged, she cried (I do inside because I'm embarrassed to show that emotion), and we got caught up on each other's news. We grabbed her and her kids out of her place and demanded she come have fun with us!

We took her to the store and purchased her a microwave as a housewarming gift.  That was Charles' idea since her status is now single .... :( ..... and she has 3 kids.  Then we took her and her kids out to a buffet and had so much fun ignoring our diets.... ahem.

We completely crammed her apartment that night but we stayed awake till we fell over from exhaustion.  Since it was New Years Eve we celebrated outside with fireworks extremely close.  It was great!  

Ahhhh.... I hope to see her again soon.  I guess I kinda have an excuse since we accidentally grabbed her storage room keys. I'd rather personally deliver it than mail it to her. ;)

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Vals Soaps And More From Home said...

Wow! You came on one of our coldest days so far! It was 12 degrees that morning! Glad you got some Michelle time!