Saturday, December 29, 2012

Flu and Holiday Weekend

Awwww.... nothing like the holidays, pretty lights, presents, AND the flu. Phooey.  This has been medicine central as I have alllll of my medicines along with giving all the kids medicine for their fevers. It never gets all the kids at the same time. Its more like a domino effect.  Thankfully its been super relaxing the last few days and we've just had time to kill and heal.  Juliet so far has escaped any sickness and I pray it stays that way!  ;)

I lost four chickens and one bunny so far this winter. The kids are pretty sad about it. We are animal lovers and take it hard when even a silly chicken dies.  Even though we had a heating lamp it was still too cold for them. Thankfully Chickenbutt (name of our oldest egg laying hen) is big enough to create her own warmth.  We went ahead and moved our remaining bunnies and chickens inside. It also means we have to light more candles.  These are not good smelling animals.  Have you ever heard of a fragrance called Le Stablês?  Just kidding. 

Anyway, we are looking forward to the New Year. A little hesitant because of the president that is remaining but God is still on the throne!

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