Monday, December 10, 2012

Taking My Herd and Tired Body to the Mall

December 5th was our 14th wedding anniversary.  It was a Wednesday. Not only was it a church night but we didn't have sitters anyway.  Charles brought home these beautiful flowers along with a present.  His card and words were amazing. He makes me feel cherished.  ;)
By Saturday I just felt worn down. All this up and down stuff with doctors, trying to keep up with the house and homeschool,  it was just harder than usual.  Usually I am just packed full if energy and rarely ever sit down. I have to stay busy and love to. Now, I'm wiped out pretty quick and have to take rests. It's okay, just different.  My mom has just been amazing. She has been picking up our dirty laundry and taking the kids places to let me rest. I know it's not easy for her and she is disrupting her routine for me.

By Saturday I just desperately needed to get out. Charles took us to the mall. We played games, rode a theatre roller coaster, ate at the food court with my dad, and walked around just having fun looking at everything.  At one point I couldn't take it anymore, found a corner, and just sat down on the floor. I was completely exhausted and couldn't do it anymore. Everyone waited till I got back up and then we had some more fun. ;)   It was such a wonderfully great night and much, much needed.
7 month old Juliet wearing a mask. :D
My dad came and hung out with us
Caleb holding my hand

Watching the coins spin around

Inside the "roller coaster theatre"


Windy said...

From reading your blog and seeing the pictures you post, I can tell how very much you love being a wife and mom. My prayers are with you and your health. Just want you to know you are such a wonderful inspiration with your loving and Godly spirit.

Virginia Revoir said...

Thank you so much for your encouraging words, Windy!