Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Everyday Challenges and A Time for Giving

Each day certainly has their joys and their challenges.  We start our day off with Bible study.  As much as I wanted to discuss the subject of giving, we had to switch it to contention.  Even during the study, lately I've had to break up arguments in the middle of it. We've been studying Ephesians 4:29-32. Well, it feels like I'm getting nowhere with them although I really hope I am. I am trying to keep the Scriptures alive in my kids hearts throughout the day. "Lord, please tell me I am getting somewhere with these stinkers." 

Juliet is crawling!   She just turned seven months which has always been the month they crawl. Here is the hard part... Juliet no longer is happy to be in her safe playpen. She wants the freedom of the house. Well, with all these kids running around its not so safe. Although there is always someone watching out for her, there are still little things she can put in her mouth. This week I am buying her a walker.  All my kids loved them and they eventually learned how to easily glide around safely.  :)

Recently I had an MRI done of my brain and it came out totally clean.  Hmmmm.... well, the doctor I was discussing it with kept referring to the pain in my head as a regular headache. I kept correcting him that I'm not getting those kinds of headaches.  It kept really talking down to me and treating me like I was an idiot.  Oh my goodness. Just talking to him made my head start hurting and I wanted to just get out of there. He's not an expert of Neurology so I tried to just let it roll off my back. I tried to explain to him that it shouldn't be normal to have pain just brushing my hair or even just touching my head. It can't be normal that I can't lay on my side because it'll cause my temples to hurt. He just shrugged his shoulders at me. My goodness, it was frustrating.    Its frustrating just to talk about it. Onward ....

My brother-in-law was heading deep into Mexico to see his family. The poor here in America is rich in comparison to where his family lives.  I had been discussing with the kids last week about reaching out to the poor. Over and over in the Bible it talks about reaching out to them. Well, we just happened to have watched a Duggar episode on DVD about them going into El Salvador.  The kids were sad and shocked by the conditions there. That day my sister-in-law called me up last minute to tell me about her husband's trip and asked if I had any donations.  Did I? Sure!  We ran around the house with only an hour to find stuff to give away. Somehow we found enough children and adult clothes to fill up a huge black bag. I added a bag of cloth diapers and another couple of bags of toothpaste and other hygiene products.  Ohhhh, if only we had more time. I emptied half of my clothes closet and went through things as fast as I could. I know its a dangerous trip for Juan to make to his family.  He missed them greatly and doesn't get to make the far trip very often.  A couple of years ago his family was in a flood and it broke our hearts that the news didn't even bother to cover it. Anyway, I'm so happy he got to make a visit and bring a small U-Haul of basic necessities. 


Karen said...

I memorized the book of Ephesians in Jr. High for a Bible Quiz team was on...those verses you selected have had a huge impact on me!

Melany aka Supermom said...

Love those words from the bible