Monday, December 03, 2012

A Strange Sunday

What an interesting day it was!  Saturday night I went to bed at a good time. I had ran around that night helping my sick neighbor go shopping and also get her medicine.  I went to bed as soon as I got home and after I kissed the kids goodnight.  I never heard Juliet wake up but I did wake up in the middle of the night because of intense pain. I hesitantly went ahead and took my Neurotin medicine.  I didn't want to take it the night before because I wanted to wake up easy in the morning for church. Well, I had too because the pain got too bad in the middle of the night. Mercifully, I fell back asleep and slept hard.

I woke up Sunday morning to my sweet husband bringing me coffee in bed. That was wonderful but the next part was odd. I tried to sit up but the exhaustion just engulfed me. My hands shook as I reached for my coffee cup.  Darn medicine. My husband then said "No way are you going to church. We are staying home."  I begged and pleaded and even tried to stand up.  I quit after I ran into our bedroom door frame.  He laid me back down and I sighed with frustration.  We had already missed three services. I told Charles I needed to be there.  I then explained that we are leaky vessels and I can feel the difference when we haven't been for awhile. After I laid in bed forcing myself to stay awake an hour, I then asked if I can go. I felt more steady and tried to prove it to him. When he wasn't looking I fell over a couple of times but I jumped back up so he wouldn't change his mind.

It's easy to take your health for granted when everything is going good. When you feel like your body is betraying you, you start thinking about things more seriously.  We made it to church and I made it in safely holding my husband's arm. The praise and worship today just really meant a lot and I so enjoyed singing praises to God. He is our saviour and our healer. I know that if God could heal me of life threatening illnesses before, He could heal my body now. Once we sat down to hear the service I grew sleepy again. I leaned my head on Charles to listen with my eyes closed. The room spinned less that way. The next thing I knew was I woke up to the end of the service.  I sat up with a start and said, "what the heck?"  I missed the whole sermon! (Turns out, when you first take the medicine Neurotin, it takes a bit for your body to get used to it.  My reaction to the medicine was just a one time thing.)

Charles led me up to pastor for prayer. He asked the details of the pain and then prayed several prayers with me. He prayed for my throat and my head. As he laid his hand on my head very lightly, pain just coursed through the veins in my head. It was so weird. I instantly went from barely being able to stand up to completely being steady. Wow!  So what did we do after that?  We asked if my parents wanted to go to lunch.

After we got home exhaustion hit me really fast and I passed out hard. I had to miss the night sermon but my head isn't hurting as much. I'm hoping and praying for a complete Healing.
The doctor said I don't have hyperthyroidism but I do have thyroiditis. He said there is a possibility I have temporal arteritis and autoimmune disease where the body attacks itself. I am being sent to a Neurologist and Endocrinologist for further testing.

Please pray with me for a complete healing.  I love taking care of my family EACH AND EVERY DAY.  They are my joy and it breaks my heart to have to miss even one day with them.

Pictures: Charles, my dad, and Ryan at restaurant.
Juliet discovered cotton candy!


Karen said...

Seems like all my bloggy friends need prayers... :-)

Praying that God will be with you and provide healing (supernatural or via medicine) and/or answers for you. Mom's aren't supposed to be down and out. :-)

Not sure if you do the whole "natural" thing...but I know there are some companies (Shaklee, Amway, Melaleuca) which claim to have cleaning products, laundry products, facial care products, and vitamins/supplements that are much healthier/more natural/no toxins than what you get at a store. Down side is that they are rather (very!) expensive.

Keri Jo said...

I'll be praying for you for a complete miracle!!

Unknown said...

Oh have been having a rough time, haven't you!

As someone who suffers from both Thyroid Disease and Lupus (autoimmune disease that attacks my body) I can tell you that it isn't as bad as people think. Once you get it managed, you can live with it and it is not all that bad. Now that my health issues are under control I hardly notice that I have the problems. Getting to that point can be a long process though. Hang in there! I'll be praying for you. :)

Juliet is so cute too...what a dolly!

Unknown said...
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Virginia Revoir said...

Sally, I need to hear from you more because I'm hoping I'm finding out through the right way. I'm seeing Neurologist on Dec 21st and hope to get some answers.