Thursday, December 27, 2012

Soft Hearts for Christ

Wow, we had a fantastic Christmas and I so hope you had one too! We always see Charles' family on Christmas Eve and my family on Christmas day. It works out awesome. Ryan was the star in the play at church and.... omgosh.... he was AMAZING. I always knew he was a good actor at home but he blew us away on the stage. They are putting together a DVD for me so I will show you when I get the chance.

We have this week off from homeschooling and I am so happy for the break. So, so happy. Its no piece of cake having to homeschool.  Along with homeschooling we have our daily Bible studies and sometimes I wonder if anything is getting through to them. However, at church I've been noticing how much they go to pray at the alter in response to the message.  Then my heart is glad. I know kids can be self conscious and tend to worry who is watching them. Picture shows Ashley (in pink) praying with other girls. The other picture is of Caleb. Then one of Chaz and Kyle (two little guys in blue) at the alter. So sweet!

Juliet is keeping me up most of the night.  The reason she has such bad sleeping habits is because her crib is in my room. I don't let her fuss because Charles has to get up early for work. Soooo now she is a super light sleeper. LOL.  I love that little stinker even though I'm more tired because of her. She is so worth it.

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Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

I hope your head is feeling a bit better. Just sounds like a lot of work, although you are doing a great job.