Friday, December 21, 2012

My Meeting with a Neurologist

I'm so grateful I finally got to meet with a head specialist today. No more doctors just blowing me off telling me its all in my head (no pun intended).  The Neurologist knew exactly what was causing my pain.  He said its Occipital Neuralgia.  Treatment is medication for the nerves in my head, laying on a heating pad at night, and rest.  If that doesn't work I'll get a nerve block. Basically a shot given in my head several times. Ohhhhh, I hate even thinking about that. I'm supposed to rest yet I lay here at 2am with no way to lay my head that doesn't cause pain. I can't lay on my face so I'm just dealing with it. Ohhhh man.... just want the pain to be gone. I still have questions about my joint pain and thyroid issues but I need to just take one issue at a time. I want to be my old self again and active. These darn medicines make me tired all the time.

Anyway,  the good news is we are so excited for CHRISTmas!  Are you?  Don't forget to reach out to someone who is alone for the holidays. We picked someone this year who is about to get some goodies and a present. They have no family anywhere and I'll bet it'll bring cheer! 

Pictures: we borrow pets from our neighbors to cuddle and then send back at the end of the day. Tee hee.

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