Sunday, December 23, 2012

Growing Babies and Nerve Blocks

Juliet is all over the place. She started crawling just before 7 months and now that she is 7 months she's standing. That is wild! I have to lower her crib mattress today because she pulls herself up in her crib (like in pic).  I usually wake up each morning to her squeals and giggles while she's looking at me. She's such a sunshine. Anyhow, she's getting a saucer for Christmas.  Thank goodness!

Thank you so much for all your notes of well wishes!  My head hurts nonstop now and I just try to get used to it. It gets worse at night. I guess maybe I do need to get that nerve block done in my head but I'm just chicken about it. I met a lady today that has kind of the same issue and had it done too. She had it done several times and said it hurts. However,  it'll help. Blah ..... I don't really want to think about it.

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