Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Is Taking Aways Guns the Answer?

I wanted to bring up the very controversial subject of guns. There are basically two sides I've been hearing.  You either believe having guns is your right or you think they should be banned.

I have always had guns in my house.  Not growing up but once I got married we had them in our own home. Because we have kids we keep our guns in a safe.  That's common sense I would hope. 

The picture of my son Ryan and his friend are on this post for a reason.Both these boys have seen major bullying in school. Both have been really hurt by them. The other boy shared with me about one time watching a kid use a knife to cut another kid's throat.  He is just in elementary school.  Its scary that these kids are using assault rifles and I get that they want to eliminate them.  The only problem is that I worry that's its one step closer to them taking our rights to owning guns away. Do not disarm our nation. Outlaws don't abide by any laws so taking away guns is not the answer.  You'll just leave us law abiding citizens unarmed.

Guns don't kill people.  People kill people. If it's not guns, it'll be knives, bombs.... while at our church conference, a lady had to leave because she found out her dad had been clubbed to death.  This goes back to the Bible story if Cain and Abel.  Murder has existed long before guns.  

I get that's its not smart having open access for kids to get your guns... lock them up.  So many special needs kids have the guns just laying around in their house.

What are your thoughts on guns?

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