Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Is Taking Aways Guns the Answer?

I wanted to bring up the very controversial subject of guns. There are basically two sides I've been hearing.  You either believe having guns is your right or you think they should be banned.

I have always had guns in my house.  Not growing up but once I got married we had them in our own home. Because we have kids we keep our guns in a safe.  That's common sense I would hope. 

The picture of my son Ryan and his friend are on this post for a reason.Both these boys have seen major bullying in school. Both have been really hurt by them. The other boy shared with me about one time watching a kid use a knife to cut another kid's throat.  He is just in elementary school.  Its scary that these kids are using assault rifles and I get that they want to eliminate them.  The only problem is that I worry that's its one step closer to them taking our rights to owning guns away. Do not disarm our nation. Outlaws don't abide by any laws so taking away guns is not the answer.  You'll just leave us law abiding citizens unarmed.

Guns don't kill people.  People kill people. If it's not guns, it'll be knives, bombs.... while at our church conference, a lady had to leave because she found out her dad had been clubbed to death.  This goes back to the Bible story if Cain and Abel.  Murder has existed long before guns.  

I get that's its not smart having open access for kids to get your guns... lock them up.  So many special needs kids have the guns just laying around in their house.

What are your thoughts on guns?


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

I am REALLY sorry to read about that violence in school.

Guns are a tool. Anyone who leaves these things around children or people known to be unstable should be jailed. They also should not be sold, given or loaned to anyone adjudicated to be unfit to have them.

"Adjudicated" is an important word here. We can't just say, "Oh, people with mental illness shouldn't have guns" and discount millions of Americans from exercising their Second Amendment rights. I'm speaking of cases in which a judge has ruled that a particular person is incapable of using a gun wisely, whether it's because of a violent history or a particular KIND of mental illness that can render its victim dangerously unstable.

Guns are, rights-wise, very much like voting. Every adult should have the right unless it's been stripped by DUE PROCESS of law. Not because some nut in the Huff-Post comment section laments that some wacko shot someone else and therefore bla bla bla.

One thing that gets me really nervous are the EXTREMES to which both "sides" of the debate are crawling. One side says no one should have a gun and the other claims they should start making teachers tote rifles around. Um, neither side makes a compelling argument, I'll just put it like that.

Virginia Revoir said...

I completely agree with what you said. I'm not sure making more gun laws will help because they can easily get a hold of a gun elsewhere. Friends, relatives... I do think it shouldn't be so easy to buy guns at these gun shows. They should have to meet same qualifications as they would at a regular gun shop.

My grandfather was shot and killed at 29 by his younger brother. A friend of my great grandmother figured she should keep a gun around so she put it on top of her fridge. Well, when little brother got upset, he grabbed that gun and used it. If it had been locked away my father wouldn't have been an orphan at four years old..

Avital said...

On the same day as the Newton shooting, there was an attack on an elementary school in China. The same number of children were attacked, but the attacker had a knife, not a gun, so although some of the children were gravely injured - none of them died.

You can say that guns don't kill people. But they do. Guns enable people to kill people quickly and efficiently, and America's obsession with their "freedom" to own guns, and the fact that there are more children killed with guns in America than in any other developed seems like it's a nation dancing with idolatry towards weapons.

I pray for a day when we turn our weapons into plowshares (something Shane Claiborne is actually doing with illegal guns in Philadelphia!) and be more concerned about the lives being lost by the use of guns and putting guidelines into place to protect our children, than the "freedom" to own and carry guns willy nilly because of an amendment that was written when people had muskets that took five minutes to load between shots.

Just my thoughts...Canadian pacifist here!

Virginia Revoir said...

Thank you for sharing! ;) The reason I believe taking away guns is not the answer is because while us law abiding citizens might obey, criminals will still get them. Adolf Hitler knew how important it was to take away guns so he could have more control. In a perfect world it would be nice for there to be no guns but I'd rather not be left a sitting duck.