Sunday, January 13, 2013

Friends in High Places

My family stole another quick visit to see my friend that moved out of town. We also got to attend our church fellowship's conference for just one night. 

Its 7 degrees up here. Brrrrrrrr! That's what I meant by friends in high places.  Ha! I'm not used to so much cold. We meant to relax this Saturday with her but I ended up having to take my friend in to the Urgent Care for some health issues she has.  Well, it was actually good timing so we could help her with the kids and all. ;)  Its hard being the mommy and being sick. Mom's don't get sick days where you can just rest in bed when needed.

Its good being here and just getting myself far away from the norm. It's nice getting a break from the housework.   Heh heh...

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