Thursday, January 24, 2013

Walking 9 Ducklings to Water and Winter Fun

The other day I was pretty desperate to get my kids and their two friends out of the house for some fun. Our community center that we have a membership with was about a mile and a half away. The kids really wanted to swim in the indoor pool and after some thought (and a softened heart) I said yes.

Charles' car recently broke down so he been taking our van to work. I got us all ready, tried several times to leave but I kept remembering something I forgot. Just when I thought we were about ready I looked down and realized I was wearing two different shoes. Um..... I ran back inside, fixed my shoes, and we finally headed down the road with 9 kids either walking, being pushed in a stroller, or being pulled in a wagon.

We were gonna be stuck there (so fun though) till Charles got off work and rescued us five hours later.  It was great!  Except for a few times dealing with some little bullies it went pretty smooth. I'm always amazed when a kid can bully right in front of their parents and they not bat an eye. I finally walked up and kindly asked the girl to not bully my kids.  This seven year old little girl started yelling at me with her mom only two feet away. Wowee.  Her teacher at school must have her hands full.

I longingly looked up at the gym since I could see it through windows on the second floor. I haven't been there for awhile. Some remember when I posted that I was working out there when Ivy was at home and got burned by the soup from the crockpot. She had to be taken by ambulance.  I felt so bad that I was gone when it happened that I haven't worked out since. Well, she healed so well that there will be no marks as long as her leg doesn't see the sun for another year. This is another reason why we only swim indoors.  Anyway, it was pretty sad and nightmarish having to change her bandages every day.  She would scream in pain. From now on, no matter who is watching my kids, nothing cooks even in a crockpot while I am gone. Horrible memories.  :(

Anyway, the place does so much for kids and is the most active community center I have ever seen.  Every single person that tries to sign up there goes through a background check.  I love that safe feeling. You just never know if that nice person could be a preying creepo. 


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

You walked a mile and a half with seven kids, spent five hours watching them at a pool and are disappointed that you don't get a real workout?

Ba ha ha ha!!

Same old Virginia. I swear you never run out of energy!!

I'm glad you had such a great time and shared pics, too. :)

Vals Soaps And More From Home said...

Brrrrrr! The thought of swimming with the cold weather we are having gives me goose bumps! Even if it is indoors! LOL

BTW: Thanks so much for the Christmas card! M- finally remembered to bring it to church to give to me! Ha Ha!

You have a lovely family! It's neat to follow along with your life on your blog and watch them grow!

Virginia Revoir said...

I didn't think about that! Ha ha... I guess I do get my exercise in other ways. :) We try to bring extra kids with us when we do fun stuff because not many families, at least ones close to us, get out very much.

Virginia Revoir said...

It was so nice visiting your church the Sunday after conference! We saw the wedding even though we didn't know them. LOL. it was so nice to see friends there that I had grown up with. :)

I know, swimming is a funny thought right now. Thankfully the water is heated and the air is heated and it's all indoors. :D

I'm so glad she finally remembered you the card. Ha ha

Chris H said...

Mrs C... it was 9 kids! I wouldn't be brave enough to go to a pool complex with 9 kids to watch over!
Well done on keeping them all safe and having fun.