Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer Fun

This is one of my favorite places. Of course! Haha. I'm always posting about this. It's such a fun thing to do with the family and there is so much to do! Now that they've added the water caves, it's great for summer! We CAN'T wait for the water parks to open. My gosh. Gonna be so, so fun. :D I feel like a kid. haha

Wow, I can't remember what this is called.  Maybe Lady Gaga?
Ryan is my drama kid and always goofin' around

Caleb (at 8 months) Chaz and Ashley
I love how the zoo lets them bring their bikes

Caleb at 8 months

Wow, I weighed more there. This picture is encouraging.  :)

Ivy in the water caves

See guys, even Camels has to shave

My incredibly awesome husband

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