Saturday, May 01, 2010

It's Hard To Relax At McDonalds

I love McDonalds!  It's one of those places I can go, sit with my laptop or a magazine and totally let the kids run and have fun.  Well, we don't have a game system at home so it's also a treat to play games for the older ones.

There are just some times where it's not so relaxing.  Today has been one of those.  I'm gonna explain so I can look back on this when my kids are teens and say, "That's nothing.  I'll take those kinds of problems anyday."

I take my kids in the van without my hubby (he's at a game) to let the kids run crazy wild and have fun.

The kids are arguing in the back seat.  I see some arms flying so I punish them by making us all sit for an extra 8 minutes in the van before entering McDonalds.  They will not treat other kids better than their own siblings.  Then we get out and go in once apologies go around and the 8 minutes are up.

We get our food and sit down.  Ahhhh..... I open my laptop and chill for a bit.  It's crazy loud.  Kids are screaming as loud as possible in the tubes.  I don't know who's kids it is but it's enough to wish I had ear muffs.  I let my kids get loud.  Don't get me wrong.  But I don't let them do piercing screams.  That way other parents don't have nervous breakdowns.  I just think it's a polite things to do.  Finally the parents leave with the eardrum damaging little cuties.

I order our meal and sit down for lunch.  I reach my my newly bought drink and it's not there.  The kids have no idea where it went.  It's totally mysterious.  So I got back up to get another one from the front and then sit back down.

After the kids and I eat (a happy meal for myself because portion sizes are smaller) I decide to get the kids some cookies.  I get back up and order a coffee for myself also.  I sit back down, take the cookies out, and realize they're burnt.  Oh well.  I seriously don't want to get up.

I take a sip of coffee and it's cold.  So I get back up and tell them but they said it's because I put coffee creamer in it.  Umm... no.  They had no more so I asked if they could make a new pot. 

I sit back down and realize I have two poopie kids and other has to go potty.  So I go to the restroom, change diapers, and come back out to see if my coffee is ready.  Nope.  She forgot to put another pot on.  Being the nice person I am, I said with a smile, "No problem, I'll be here awhile longer", so I sit back down. 

She brings me my coffee to my table which was really nice. I take a sip after she leaves and there is no sugar.  I had asked for creamer and sugar in it.  No problem.  I take it back up and ask for some I can just stir in myself

.  I sit back down at the table and put in some sugar and stirred.  Pppphts!  Gross.  It's waayyy to sugary.  At this point I didn't feel like getting back up but I was really desperate for some coffee.  I finally realized that she HAD put sugar in it but didn't stir it.  So when I went to put my own sugar in it and then stirred, well, it was way too sugary. 

At this point I was so discouraged.  I just wanted to sit down longer than 10 minutes at a time.  No.  I wanted to get up and fix my coffee.  I asked for some more but she said all the coffee is gone!  Sniff.... seriously?  Then she realizes she has some at the bottom to add to my cup to balance out the taste.  Ahhh.... I'll take that.  I sit back down and smile. 

Sniff..... my daughter just pooped again.  Gotta go change another poopie.


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

LOL You're brave for even venturing out alone with everyone. :)

Zsuzsanna said...

I felt like crying out of frustration for you just reading this... :(

Anonymous said...

Ahhh the life of a mommy of young children. I can relate.