Monday, May 03, 2010

My Light In a Dark World

Caleb is 8 months old!

This is outside of church and Charles is holding him.  :)  I can't believe how fast babies grow.  He has SO much energy like my other ones.  lol.

This week is conference week at our church so it's super busy for us.  I had nursery yesterday and then I have it Tuesday and Friday.  Wednesday I sing platform.  So the week is gonna fly by. 

I loved tonight's sermon.  I love, love being fed meat at church rather than baby's milk.  I feel so full, so fed, when I leave.  So many things speak to my heart and it's so good to hear.  Not just a bunch of sweetness whispered in my ear but hidden sins confronted, words of exhortation, encouragement, a challenge given.  I leave with so much of my burdens lifted off and a challenge to take with me during the week.  My head is lifted a little higher and I'm standing up straighter.  Being a Christian in the day and age where so much of Hollywood has filtered in to the churches, Christians are being mocked, or teens are being called prude for keeping their purity, can make it a tough week for anyone.  Coming into church is like have the wounds bandaged.  A healing before heading back out into the battle.  Many will mock because of your righteous stands.  I know as a teen I was mocked even by kids in my own church for being fanatical about Christ.  I didn't care.  :)  At first, I was all alone when I moved my stuff up to the front and center row so I could be away from the mocking and hear the preaching clearly.

Don't worry about what others or even your family thinks about you.  In the end, it's God you answer to.

I'm so grateful to hear the truth being preached rather than my ears tickled. I love the challenge of evangelism and sharing my faith.  I love giving to works such as planting of new churches or supporting missionaries. I love that I have a pastor that cares about the condition of my soul rather than someone who is worried I'll leave the church if my sin is confronted.  Yes, I've been pulled aside and corrected.  Instead of throwing a tantrum, I took it as a gold nugget. I was surprised at my own pride.  My stubbornness.  The day I decided I would start listening to correction was the day God could really do a work in my heart and I could grow. 

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