Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Birthday Party Fun!

Poor David is getting wrestled by the kids! That is the birthday boy's uncle. He was having a grand time but you can tell after awhile it wore him out. LOL.

The birthday boy's grandpa is on the right.  It's starting to get pretty hot out so it's nice to be in the cool and out of the sun.

My husband Charles (below) giving Ivy a snuggle! 

The birthday boy's little sis and Grandma.  :D  I thought it was a sweet picture.

My little Ashley loves to have her picture taken.  She is so sweet with her little curls.  I love, love her little pink Converse shoes.

Time for the pinata!  Bring the violence!  haha.  I think it's funny how people think it's evil to hit a pinata to get the candy out.  When I was little I never had any weird thoughts about it.  Now, if parents put the idea in their head....well, ya shouldn't do that.  "Hey little Johnnie, just imagine what you could do by hitting your dad with a bat!  You might get some money out of him!"   :P

The birthday boy ready to take a swing.

You HAVE to see the faces in the picture below.  So funny!  I didn't see this until I was looking at all the pics when I got home.  Ivy had hit it and some candy came out.  The look on everyone's faces.  lol.

Ivy's got her candy!  She's so happy. 

Greg and Roger hangin out. 

Jeremiah (below) is 6!  I went to Walmart to pick him up a couple of those classic guns with the holsters.  They said they discontinued them.  I was like "whaaaat?  Why?"  The lady said Walmart decided too.  I looked around and I couldn't believe it.  Not one single toy gun.  Come on.  You know, my kids when they play, they act like they are soldiers. Soldiers that protect our country and people.  That's not something I'm ashamed of. I love how they think like that.  I can't believe Walmart did that.  Goodness gracious. Boys will pick up a stick and pretend it's a gun.  Did you know my son got in trouble for doing that on the playground at school one time?  Since we couldn't get him the guns, we got this shirt and hat instead for him. 

The birthday boy's sis below. Michele was bummed they couldn't get a cake for him so they got the next best think.  Cupcakes!  I think it's a great idea because there is no cutting and no plates needed.  They even make them look like cakes these days and write on the top when you first get it.  I would like to do that this year for my kids on their birthday.

My daughter Ashley (below) showing me her yummy cupcake.  She's MY little cupcake.

It was a hot day so Chris set up the little pool for the kids in the back!  Good thing he had a pump.  I've actually had to blow up one of those myself once when I didn't have a pump.  NOT FUN!  LOL

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