Thursday, May 13, 2010

Conference Week 2010

I didn't get to blog much last week because I was so, so busy with conference week.  :)  It's where all the churches we've planted around the world and grandbaby churches gather for a time of refreshing sharing of reports of what God is doing in their churches.  Since I'm a member of the parent church, we more help with the duties behind the scenes.  Watching the babies or tots while the pastor's wife is in service or helping in children's church for the older kids.  It means so much for these families to come every year and have conference.  They are sent out and starting churches from ground up.  It's not a easy task when you're not offerering social delights and programs to attract people.  Just the gospel and healing.  That's where it's at.  Instead of putting the money into having a bigger building, our church puts it into launching new churches around the world!  :D

Above:  Song service Sunday morning.

Above:  We're listening to a call put through the speaker system from Pastor Van Staden in South Africa.  That's why their pic is on the screen.  He is giving a 5 minute report of what God is doing over there.  Awesome!  My sister is also in South Africa.

My husband's friend (on the right) was just sent into another city last year.  He's still close enough for us to visit.  :)

Above: Pastor's praying during the alter call after the sermon.

Little Jeremiah praying at the alter.  :)  So cute.


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing the pics and such! I was excited to see the announcements on the Tempe website. We are getting ready for the Tucson conference in a month! Cannot wait for it! :)

Bonnie said...

What an amazing church! Love to see a whole church in prayer.