Thursday, May 06, 2010

Children's Church

This week has been super busy with Children's church and conference. I've been trying to find ways to volunteer for stuff since so many pastors and their wives come for encouragement and sharing of reports. It's a relief for them to be able to be in church without having to worry about their babies or kids in Children's church. Since I didn't have nursery duty last night, I asked the children's church if they needed help. It was fun and wild! haha. I had to take a few pics.  My nursery duty is Tuesday and Friday.  What cute squishy babies they are!  It was cute seeing them all set each other off.  Tag crying.  So cute.  They are in a place they are not used to so it's understandable of why they missed their mommies.  I would put a baby in my left arm and one in my right.  Once those two were settled down or fed, set them down and rescue the next two.  I have it Friday again so I get to cuddle them again.  ❤

This year was about planting. (planting churches and evangelism) So, they came up with a theme about farmers who sew their seeds. Tilling the ground and harvesting. So it was cowboy theme this week. :)

I love kids!  I love what tender hearts they have towards God.  There is so much we can learn from children.

Above:  The kids working in the "garden."  My son Chaz is in the black shirt.

Above:  Two of my favorite youth workers!  Ruthie and Breanna.

Above:  Eddie praying with the boys. 

Nancy praying with the girls. 

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