Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Family Birthdays

Here comes a truck load of birthdays!!!  Thank goodness for them too.  It means that 1. They are still alive and well, 2. It gives us a reason to party about something, 3. Another reason to be able to have fun with family.  My birthday is next month and then starting in July, all my kids' birthday follows every 2 weeks till October!  Our birthdays are just crammed together.  :D  It's okay.  We call it the party months. Just party hardy.

My sister-in-law Melanie had a birthday and we had fun getting together to celebrate and spend some time with the family. :)

My mother-in-law Maureen was holding her little two grandsons (Melanie's is on the right) and Melanie's son kept leaning over and kissing Caleb.  It was so cute!  They would turn their heads towards each other and look in wonder that another baby was there, smile, and then Prestyn would kiss Caleb. 

We weren't planning on it being a swimming night but Ivy insisted that the water was perfect and everyone should swim!  So the kids went for it and it was a beautiful night.   The water was pretty and the light made the water look like a pretty blue color.  Later Ivy said, "Mom, tomorrow can we go somewhere else to swim?  Because I want to swim in white water, not blue water."  LOL

Charles (on left), Melanie, and her husband Juan sat and talked for quite awile.  It really is so good to have all my family living in the same city.  Some people aren't quite so lucky and have to travel far to visit.  Although I've always wanted to move to a different state, because both sides of our family are here, we've stayed planted. 

Ryan (my son on the right) loved swimming with his cousin.  What a great night it was!  Melanie, it's so good being sisters with you.  Love you and Happy Birthday.  :D

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