Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Great Divide

In the Facebook age:

It seems people are getting braver.
No, I'm not talking about in the sense of doing something heroic.
It's easy to say harsh things to somebody while hiding behind a computer screen.  What do they call it? Cyberbullying?  Adults do it too.  Maybe not so obvious but it happens through rude jabs aimed at someone. 

When someone's profile states that they have 245 friends, what does that really mean?  Is that something to really be proud of?  Are they REALLY friends?
Would they bring you a meal when you're sick?  Would you?
Might they send you a card on your birthday?  I

Gone are the days of neighbors bringing over a warm, right from the oven, loaf of bread and some stew when you are sick.  Walking over just to say hello or the neighborhood kids throwing around the ball in the street.  Even kids riding bicycles down the street is getting rare.  Where are they? 

TV, games, and internet seems to have put such a divide between people even though it seems it was supposed to bring us together.  Sure we have lots of friends now.  In cyberspace that is!  90% of the time I walk out into my front yard, there is not a single soul outside.  I've made it a point to know my neighbor's name next to me and across the street.  But next to them, only 2 houses down?  I have no idea.  Well, I can't meet them because I've never seen them!  At night, you could take a stroll down the street and see every window glowing a flickering blue color.  You know someone must exist in that house because of it.  I have yet to see them come out so I can wave hello or introduce myself.

I bet I could find them on Facebook though.


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

This post made me so mad I could punch your mom! Love, anonymous.

Bwa ha haaa

I think the "friends" thing is like the "follower" thing on blogger. Um, I am not Jesus that I have "followers," you know. So I don't put too much stock into that. :)

Virginia Revoir said...

LOL, you are so funny. :D

Yeah, you hit it on the nail with the comment by anonymous. lolol

I've missed all the time I used to have for blogging. I still love to blog, I've just been super busy. That is my favorite hobby more than facebook or anything else. I love getting a cup of coffee and sitting down to read people's blogs. :)