Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Desert Backyard

Charles' parents came and brought over another extension to my kids backyard play set to make it more fun. They did it as a birthday present for all the boys. We love it! They always do neat stuff like that. It took a lot of driving time and working in the 100 degree plus weather. Being that my kids can't really roam around (riding their bikes like I did when I was little) through the neighborhood, it'd be great to make a backyard a fun place. We are working on it slowly but surely. :D
I no longer have internet so it's a little more different doing blogs for me.  But not impossible.  :)  Of course.  Where there is a will there is a way!  I luv blogging, it's just tha I dislike the internet.
Tonight I got to go to a party for something that happened for my friends.  They never had any children of their own.  Now that they have turned 50, they just adopted 3 boys and today (June 1st) was the finalization for the adoption.  So today we celebrated with them!  Not only is it wonderful for them, but also for the three boys.  :D  I always thought it'd be neat to adopt.  I wonder what it's like to adopt?  Is it hard?  Expensive (I've heard it is)?  There was a couple of times we got close to adopting.  It wasn't through any system but more just having them signed over.  I still ache for the little girl we thought about adopting.  Her grandmother decided to take her but it's not necessarily a good thing.  I wonder sometimes if the little girl is okay.  Is she happy?  What was it like for her being hopped around in day cares day and evenings?  Is she adjusted?  She was a sweet little girl just caught in bad circumstances.  Some say I should go for fostering some day but I get scared of having to say goodbye.  Yes, I know that at least I got to have a good influence with them for a few years.  But still.  When the times comes to say goodbye, would I be able to do it?  I couldn't bear giving them hugs, kisses, surprises for Christmas, birthdays, holding them in their fears, rejoicing in their triumphs, then....say goodbye.  It must take some pretty strong people to be able to do that.  It's amazing.


Chris H said...

What a fantastic playground set your kids have!
Stew and I thought about fostering quite seriously at one stage, but then we got Brylee and Griffin to raise. So maybe not now.

Danielle said...

We do foster care & are now adopting the two girls we've fostered. Very rewarding but we've never had to say good-bye to any long term foster kids. It would be SOO hard. can't wait till my girls are LEGALLY mine! (: Awesome backyard by the way! Love it!