Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Following My Dad's Band

My dad is in a Christian band and they travel around to churches.  Some bigger ones and even some baby churches.  Here, they are a smaller church but there was four visitors!  The band and the testimonies along with the dramas got to share the gospel and play.  It was fun and I brought along a friend of mine. This is actually my church I grew up in.  It's always SO fun visiting my old friends and going out to eat with them afterwards. 

That's my dad!  He's been playing in bands ever since I was a baby.  I still love to see him and hear him play.  My parents are awesome people.  No matter what they've gone through in life, they just keep going serving God.  I love that about them.  They are faithful and it sends a message to me.  Never quit.  Never give up.  Eternity is forever and life is good serving God!  :)  It was such a blessing, no joke, being raised in a Christian family. 

Ashley was sitting right in front of me and she kept popping up to talk to me.  Right when I was taking a pic of my dad, I got her instead.  Little cutie!  I love my blondie girls.  haha. 

I straightened Ashley's hair that day.  Normally she has curls!  After the music scene we stayed an hour just chatting with my old friends and having a great time!  Then we decided to hit up an Applebees and who do I run into while there?????  My big sis, Tammy and her husband!  She had just got done playing volleyball.  Dang.  That would be so fun.  I should seriously think about joining a team also.

My mom below giving testimony:

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