Monday, June 28, 2010

Hot Summer Days

It's been so, so, so hot this summer that we've been mostly staying indoors.  I LOVE the spring, winter, and fall here. It's so beautiful and that's usually when I have my gardens.    I can't wait!  For now we just try to find ways to stay cool.

My two boys on the left squirting the kid in the middle.  The only way it's pleasant here to be sitting and watching the kids and in the shade!  I haven't wanted to come back here for the last 7 years because Chaz got seriously hurt here when he was 2 years ago. It's taken me this long!  The slide you see with my girls on it is the same slide Chaz flipped down.  Everytime he did a flip (accidental) he hit his face.  He knocked his two from teeth out and had to have surgery in his mouth he was hurt so bad.  The firetrucks came and he was in the hospital.  He had so much blood that he had to wear a bib to catch the constant bleeding for several days.  It was totally heartbreaking.  That slide used to be concrete till that happened and since then, they've changed it to what it is now.  I told Chaz he needs a plaque in his name next to the slide.  Now kids are safer!  Haha. 

Ivy and Ashley in the little water slide.

It was so wonderful to sit under this waterfall that I stood with the kids in it for a long time.  That is until I discovered that my shirt was a tad see thru.  That was the end of that. 

Ashley cuddling her big sister after playing in the water.

Ashley and Ivy drying off and going for a little walk together. So cute!!!

Caleb chilled with us in the shade!  He was happy to just watch his siblings but he's already getting to the point, now that he's 9 months, to where he just wants to crawl everywhere.  This is the nervous time for me where I have to constantly be looking all over the floor for pennies or other items that can be choked on.  Yikes!  Dog food is his favorite right now so I'm just gonna have to keep Henry's dog food outside!  Blech!

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Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

I didn't know that about Chaz! Poor guy; I didn't see any scars in his pic.