Monday, June 07, 2010

Friday Night Marriage Seminar

What a wonderful weekend we had!  Our friends babysat friday night so Charles and I could attend a marriage seminar.  Pastor Aragon is hilariously funny and kept the mood light but he also had so much insight.  A couple of funny points were when he brought up something serious like "..and women, lets talk about complaining."  This guy in the back goes "PREACH IIIIT!"  Really loud!  The pastor said, "Um, brother, you might want to wait on the comments like that.  Maybe just think them in your mind.!"  Haha.  I mean, it is a marriage seminar where people are staying in a hotel overnight with their spouses and then attending a seminar the next morning.  Well, if you want things to go well that night, you just don't make those kind of comments with your wifey sitting right next to you. LOL.  This guy did it 3 times that night!  Really critical spots where the pastor is speaking to the wife and he's like "AAAAMEN!"  My gosh, everyone was laughing so hard. We all knew he was on the couch that night.

Afterward, our friends treated us to an ice cream shop and we stayed talking till 3am!!  They are friends we've known for 20 years and we've missed them along with other friends there that I don't get to see often.  It was SO fun that we had to hang out the next day again.  So, with another couple from my old church, we headed to a smaller water park but took our kids along too for the fun.  OH my gosh, we had a blast. Sometimes you just can't replace old friends that hold a special place in your heart. Since I've gotten married, of course I make friends in my new church but it's different for me because I didn't grow up there.  It takes time to establish friendships again. 

(Ech, I just took a sip of my coffee while writing this and realized it's cold now.  Off to the microwave....haha)

I was reading in my bible this morning in Mark 5, and it's the part where Jesus is doing miracles but asking people not to tell.  Well, there is a part where Jesus heals a girl that just died at the age of 12.  Can you imagine?  Family is at the house, crying over the girl and Jesus comes and raises her from the dead.  That would just be so incredibly cool to see and experience.  What a relief for the mom and dad.  It's like a second chance at life.  I wonder what she died of?  We have so much medicine and new things today but back then, even just having a fever could take you to the brink of death or over.  You know, there was not Motrin.  Even giving birth was so much more dangerous back then and mortality rates were high.  Scary!  Being that there was no birth control, only natural family planning (if there was), I wonder how high the mortality rate was?  There was no c-section right?  Okay, I know it's way overused, the c-sections these days, but there WERE cases back then where a woman really did need one so instead the baby would die or both mom AND baby.  Scary!  I'm thankfully for how far we've come.  :)  Having babies is exciting and less worrysome. Could chance you're walking out of that hospital alive.

No, I'm not pregnant.  Just having fun thinking about babies.


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

lol glad you clarified that. ((hug))

Here is a link to an unschooling carnival if you are interested:

Unschooling, like homeschooling, takes many forms. It runs the gamut from parents with really lax attitudes (do you want to read, do you feel like brushing your teeth today... really) to people who let the children decide what they will learn, but then provide materials and teaching. Most people are somewhere in the middle.

I would say the main difference between homeschooling and unschooling is that homeschooling is more in line with what "regular" schools do... you have a curriculum or a set plan and go step by step, teach this first, then that. UNschooling is more student-directed, but the degree to which that happens and what that "looks like" is of course up to the parent. :)

Sure hope that helps!

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...


That link will NOT HELP. That was what I just posted on MY blog lol. Try this instead:

There you go! Silly me.