Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Birthdays Are Rolling In

So much lovely stuff has happened the last week and I have so many pictures to share.  Just have to get more chances to blog.  :)  Here is a pic of my two girls.  We couldn't keep Ashley's little tongue in her mouth as she kept sticking it out.  Ivy is 4 1/2 here and Ashley 2 1/2.  I just had a birthday and you know what that means?  More are coming like CRAZY!  Ivy's is coming in a few weeks and then  birthdays every 2 weeks after that till the end of October.  Goodness!  I need to fight my procrastinating ways and start planning NOW.  Every..single..year I put it off till last minute and then panic.  Just like Christmas.  It needs to be different this year!  :D  Last Easter I was at Walmart AT MIDNIGHT trying to get their baskets together.  That's pretty bad. 

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Chris H said...

It's a bit like that here... only the birthdays are a month apart mostly!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE in your household! lol