Friday, October 01, 2010

Pretty Food

I love to cook. I'm not naturally as good as it like my big sister but it's just incredibly fun. Back in the day when I was first married we had lots of boxed complete meals. Pasta Roni with corn was a common one. Heh heh. I told him on our anniversary we should have that meal every day but like at lunchtime or something. Those are actually pretty yummy but not something for EVERYDAY! LOL.

I was making salsa and noticed how pretty the layers looked.

I wanted to make Pineapple Upside-Down cake the other day but then wondered how neat it would be to make it into cupcakes. So I had to trim down the pineapples and then put that and the cherry in the cupcake pan first and then batter. I left out the brown suger though to not have as much sweetness.  OHhhhhh, it was super good and actually really fun to eat.  In this went incredibly fast.  Even my neighbor kids came over and took some.  Haha.

Next week I am signing up for some culinary classes so it should be exciting!  My friend is signing up with me so it'll be double exciting.

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