Wednesday, October 20, 2010

To The Feed Store

We love going to the feed store. This one always has chickens so we favor them most. Plus the cost of chicken feed is lower.  I question the poor man that works there all the time.  I was going to get a certain kind of chicken while I was there till I found out that that particular kind is very, very loud.  I could see what he meant because these were just tiny but very noisy.  My neighbors would not like that so I put the little one down.

It's a small store but we usually spend a good amount of time in there just cuddling any little furry creature we can.  Kyle is playing with a hamster here. It looks like he's really squeezing it here a lot but he's not.  He just begged and begged to take one home but I said chickens and a Great Dane was enough for us.

Kyle loves being my helper wherever we go.  He wanted to prove to me he was strong enough to carry to two bags of chicken feed himself.  He said "Mom, you just carry your purse."  Well, okay.

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