Thursday, October 21, 2010

Little Tidbits

Chaz had a great idea today when doing his homework.  He said, "Hey mom.  How about I do the first 10 questions and you do the next 10?"  I said, "Uhhh, let me think.  NO."

Tomorrow Ivy has a field trip to a farm and she kept asking me today how many more sleeps. I tried to explain to her that her field trip is tomorrow.  She thinks I'm saying TWOmorrow.  She doesn't get it.  Or if she asks me when library night is and I say Tuesday, she thinks I'm saying TWOdays.  Sometimes we just go round and round.  Even though it can be frustrating, we laugh about it because it's so funny.  Except when she starts crying because she doesn't understand why she has to always wait TWO more days.

Caleb has been really clingy lately.  Maybe because I've been doing so many projects around the house?  Not sure.  He has been wanting to cuddle with me a lot and I am just wishing I had some sort of comfortable sling to carrying him around in while I work.  I'm still trying to figure out how to manage all the work.  I used to go out all the time and hang out at friends houses.  But it's hard to explain to them that the larger the family gets, the more work is added and we don't have as much free time.  I HAVE to stay on top of things or its much harder later. By night time I don't like to leave my house because I'm so happy to just rest and be with my family.  Good thing I love my family so much. :D

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