Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mom

Yesterday was my mom's birthday and so we met at Marie Callenders.  When I walked in I felt right at home!  Ahhhhh..... no kidding. When I was 16 I worked at one and I love the atmosphere there. It's just a really calm place to eat.  I loved decorating the pies.  I was telling my parents (which never happened because of my age) and they gave me a table that ordered all alcohol.  Well, I knew nothing about it (and still don't) so I just spelled them on the ticket as best I could figure out.  After handing it to the kitchen, I heard laughter coming from it. I went in to see what was up and they were laughing at my spelling.  Example: Chardonnay. I can spell that because of spell checker.  I had it wrong first try. LOL.  I've never seen it before.

Anyway, so I took Ivy and met my mom and dad at the restaurant. Ivy was exhausted so she was not acting herself at all.  She passed out towards the end. I felt bad. I should have brought one of the older kids with me instead.  I can't believe how much I got there for my money and it was Kids Eat Free night so that was awesome. I'm definitely going back with my family.  I gave one of the beautiful cards that Chris sent from New Zealand. Thank you, Chris!  No one better to give it to than my mom.  :) 

Ivy was tired because something that happened yesterday.  So the bus drops my boys off and I ask the bus driver where Ivy is. She said that she had asked and "they" said I had picked her up from school.  I said, "Noooo, I didn't."  Well, she wasn't on the bus.  She wasn't with me.  Where was she?  I started to feel panicky.  The bus driver called the school but the phone lines were closed.  I tried calling my husband's cell over and over and finally got through at his job instead.  I told him and he happened to be just getting off. He rushed over to the school to look for her. In the meantime I have all kinds of bad thoughts going through my head.  Why would the school say I came and got her if I didn't?  WHO came and got her. My husband finds her happily playing on the computer in the aftercare program.  He is upset and asks the school what happened.  They said they never told the bus driver I came and got her.  It was MY boys that told the bus driver that.  The bus driver got in trouble for that but I feel bad because she is a friend of mine. I know mix ups can happen when there are so many kids.

Lesson learned. 

Today she calls and says once again my daughter is not on the bus.  This time she doesn't ask my boys where she's at. She just calls me.  I say, "well, did you check the computer room?  She had so much fun yesterday playing a barbie game that I bet she went back."  Sure enough, that's where she was. So the bus was late coming home but I'm glad Ivy made it home safe. :)

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Anonymous said...

Ryan is such a sweetie!!!

Dad and I look tired and we were in that photo.
Thanks again, for the beautiful card and for coming to restaurant.
it was fun