Thursday, October 21, 2010

Time For Serious Organization

I have four cups of coffee a day. 

Not for energy but just for enjoyment.

So that means I'm not a coffee addict right? 

On to my point. 

I'm not a good organizer or cleaner. I work super, duper hard but it doesn't come natural to me (being amazing in those ways) and I usually don't notice things till they get out of hand.

THAT is why I have to have so many lists and charts for my house. It's the only thing that works. Otherwise I would drown in it.  It's important for the kids to take responsibility for their part or I wouldn't be able to have 6 kids. The cleaning alone would be overwhelming.  The small part they each take makes a huge difference for our house.

Something funny.  Ryan said there are 15 chores total between all the kids.  He said he has solved the problem.  He said if I had 15 children, they would each only have 1 chore. Good idea for him.  Bad idea for me.  Ha. I'm not a supermom.  Only in my dreams.  BUT that was HILARIOUS!!!  You bet if I could financially have 12 kids it would happen.  Kids are the best and I just want to keep having kids till I'm somewhere in my 40's.  That is a HUGE desire for me. 

Anyway, last week during the kid's school break I got TONS done. I cleaned out 4 bags of broken or overused and rundown toys. I'm talking big garbage bags.  Moved the furniture out of girls room and did a complete wipe down.  Their room is all tile. Washed the walls throughout most of the house.  I did same thing in boys room except I need to get some stains out of carpet.  They are NOT supposed to have drinks in there but I think some have landed in there by a sneaky person. Otherwise those spots would not be there.  Then I emptied out all the cupboards in both bathrooms and medicine cabinet and wiped those down good.  COMPLETELY reorganized my bedroom and got rid of lots of so-so clothes I didn't care for very much.  So basically I guess it was all the back rooms. I am working on the office now.  Yippee!

Charles and I have an idea but we are so hesitant yet excited.  My mom did this often in our houses.  The office room is right next to the boys room.  We no longer use it because Charles doesn't work at home anymore.  Caleb's crib is in there with his changing table and the boys aren't happy that he's not in their room anymore.  They really want him back in their room. They just don't have the space.  Well, that room is unused so we are thinking about breaking down the wall to make one big boy's room.  But then I'm scared if I needed the room back someday I would have to put that wall back up.  Normally that is fine and easy except that wall is the boy's closet. They would still have a closet if the rooms were connected because the office has one. I just really like large rooms.  It would mean we would go from a 4 bedroom to 3 bedroom.  I just like my girls all sleeping together and my boys all together.  It's just something we've always agreed about.  We don't like to separate them.  The kids don't like to be separated.  Do you have any ideas or thoughts?

(Hopefully my mom is reading this post too.  She is a master at this.)

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